Platform Einhorn Coin, a company Glarioza Business Inc. reports that from today (05.02.2019) begins the procedure of reformation and rebranding, for reasons of a long unprofitable trading period and reputational consequences, with the aim of bringing safer products to the market.

Due to the impossibility of ensuring an adequate level of security for both the platform infrastructure and confidential customer data, all services of the company are suspended indefinitely.

In this regard, we give our customers the opportunity to close positions at current market prices by verifying your account (confirming that you own it) by filling out application form and sending it to ferber@einhorncoin.com no later than March 1, 2019 . All profiles sent later are automatically considered as invalid.

In accordance with the AML-policy, as well as the increasing number of confirmed cases of partner reward cheating, by creating multi-accounts, the company also asks you to take the questionnaire as seriously as possible and to meet all the requests and requirements of our employees to clarify ambiguous information.

All customers who have not submitted a request to close an investment account before the specified period (03/01/2019) automatically agree that the account will continue to be in the volume. In this case, the Client should understand that the Company cannot give specific predictions for resolving the situation, and also accept the high risk of losing the entire amount of the investment account.